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Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner Quot First True Love Was Movies

Page Hefner considered a friend and fellow pioneer of its kind on the old frontier of American culture of sex. We knew it was coming and there comes a point in the disease. Now, like many others in Hefner long journey, it was gone. There are days (or decades) when Hefner salutes at noon on Sundays in pajamas and a silk dress, but on this particular December afternoon, well, not only was the playboy t in vein. We not really talking about here today Bettie Page. You ve caught me with my trousers on Hugh Hefner said with a sad smirk. His voice towed away and then, adjusting his rabbit d gold cufflinks, he smiled. Hefner had arrived back at his 29-room Holmby Hills palace after attending the funeral of Bettie Page, the pin-up queen, and he was still wearing his mourner jacket and Saturday as he slowly sipped from a bottle of Diet Pepsi hush down in a library.
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